The lady, her water pot and her Lord


By Olamide Aturu

This is a new terrain for me, but believe me there is a point to this.

So I attended a service where ‘Tosin Martins was the preacher and he talked about that “lady”, you know that one with five plus “husbands”, and this phrase dropped in my heart, I decided to build on it so here goes…

We all have those things that we hold on to, they seem to be our very essence, it feels like without them we are lost, for some us it it’s our brains, it could even be our partner(s), or our children, or maybe our skills, or even the ability to preach, or maybe our skills.

Whatever it is that is your water pot, now this woman whom I ll refer to as the “the Lady” came to the well with her water pot, she held on to it and would not even give Jesus a drink from the water pot because He was a Jew, the water pot was so important that without it she need not have gone to the well, but watch what happens after she had the life-altering conversation with Jesus… The Bible records that she dropped her water pot and went into the city, telling everyone about the new “spring” she had found.

The water pot that was so important to her that would have given her the water that she desperately longed for, she left behind when she met with the fountain of Living water.

While researching for this piece (which is a first for me) I remembered that Rebecca was at the well when she met Abraham’s servant, so I decided to see if she had anything to do with a “water pot” as well #smiles; I found out that she also had a water pot, now Rebecca not only gave the servant water, she also fed his camels.

So here is what I think;

· Our water pots maybe sufficient for a while, but we need to get to a point where we can carry the Source of Water itself around

· The water that we receive is not for us alone, it is for us to bless others, to make an impact

· Caution though, we are not trying to make impact so that we can find “our Isaac” alone, the Bible does say however that we should seek first the Kingdom and all other things will be added to us, so that’s the way to go, impact first then “Our Isaac”

· With the Source we can do much more than we know that we are capable of doing by ourselves, so if you think you can love… you can become Love itself with the Source, if you think you have been called to give…you can become a Gift with the Source

· Having the Fountain inside of you is like having your superpowers enhanced over a million times and even better, because unlike superpowers the Fountain is eternal and everlasting.

So if you are like me and you have been cradling your water pot for a while, trying to give others from the little that your water pot can hold, why don’t you drop the water pot and soak yourself in the Fountain itself, let yourself be immersed in the fountain, such that everyone that comes in contact with you would have met with the Master in an earthen vessel.
*References: Genesis 24: 1-16, John 4:1-29